Finger Jointed Pine

Primed Finger-jointed Pine From G-M Wood

G-M Wood Products offers our primed finger-jointed pine products in many options!

The first being our premium line of finger-jointed Russian red pine. Grown in a northern Russian environment, this pine has very tight growth rings for strength and durability, and stands up well in all types of conditions. When you are looking for the most durable, best primed finger-jointed pine, Russian red pine is the pine to use.

We also offer lines of finger-jointed pine in Radiata Pine, Ponderosa Pine and Russian Pine to offer a full line of value and application.

All of our products are primed with a 90-day primer that G-M Wood Products has developed over the past 20 years. This allows for plenty of time for the product to be installed and painted for a premier finish.

Primed Finger-jointed Pine Product Lines Include:

  • Exterior frames - standard & custom (Ranging from 4 9/16” - 12” wide)

  • Interior flat and split jams

  • Transom, sidelight, & patio components

  • Continuous sill headers

  • Mullions & Astragals - 2” x 2-1/2” fatboys (from 3-9/16 up to 8-9/16)

  • Brickmould - max overall length to 17’

  • Jamb extenders

  • Mull cover

  • Stile and rails

  • Trim - Quarter round, cove mould, base shoe